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Mastering the Art of Living Happily and Peacefully

Being the Master of Living Happily and Inner Peace with These 10 Tips

The Ultimate Guide of Unlocking the Secrets to Living Happily and Have a Peaceful Life

Mastering the Art of Living Happily and Peacefully
Mastering the Art of Living Happily and Peacefully

Unanswered questions and unsolvable problems in life are special to those who live, but being a human requires passing exams. So even if you have a lot of pain, there is someone who suffers the same or more. Obviously, the reason for some of the pain is that it sinks comfortably.

So, do you think a woman whose child is suffering from an unrelenting illness will worry about the pain of love for herself?

That's why when I feel pain, there is only one prayer in me. Do not let God forget this lesson...

Heart pains, heartburn, sleeplessness, forgetting the days when you smiled are inevitable.

If everything seems wrong to your eyes again, if it seems difficult to your heart, then maybe these substances I will count will allow you to recover.

Easy to tell others, memorized, factory-set items are actually what I count. A person cannot look at himself only from above and unfortunately does not remember what he has memorized. That's why sometimes I want to remind both you and myself.

Being human is like owning a luxury car…

In it, sitting in the driver's seat and driving the car, you can't actually see the beauty of that car. That's why you need the approval of outside ministers. However, whether they approve or disapprove, the car is beautiful. You just wait for approval because you can't see because you're always sitting in it. For this reason, when you get out of the car, you should sometimes turn around and look at it instead of locking the doors by hearing the “beep” sound as you move forward. It is necessary to remember that you know.

That's what I'm doing, my friend; I want us to pay attention to the facts that we know, but we don't turn around and see.

The car is beautiful. Even if no one tells you, just know. But as soon as you close the door, don't turn your back to him.

That's why now get out of that car, turn your face to the facts that you deserve and that you have earned with your nails, and listen to me like that, okay?

Here are 10 tips that will help you master the art of living happily and peacefully

1. It Will Eventually Pass

Sometimes the rudeness, rudeness, injustice and brazenness of life make a person feel like they will last forever. Stressful situations such as work-related problems, family problems, love delusions, friendly stakes or the dress you bought with online shopping seems to have been delivered and never reaches your hand tires your beautiful brain.

These problems will be lifelong anyway, but none of them will last a lifetime.

Will pass.

Remind yourself of this, remember that things won't be this bad forever. Imagine that the events that appear in the form of ordinary, simple, comfortable sinking and that you always thought would exist will surely pass.

In fact, I am vaccinated with these doses that are too small to make you sick.

When the elders come, the body should not collapse.

Everything just passes.

If a new one comes, we need this thought to be able to face it as well.

“That too shall pass! “

A sentence like a drug, like a pill, like a serum, or even like chemotherapy. It even seems to beat cancer.

There are even these lines in my last book, "Life is the Exception that does not Aspire to the Pedestal".

"Even the most severe pain fades. A great deal of them break you to pieces, and you worry that some of them might never go, while there will also be those that you hoped, that they would never come to fade. Yet inevitably do so. When it's time to assess your pain, you realize that they have turned to potions, that you can rub on all kinds of pain. They will all fade away in the exact same way."

2. Some Things Are Also Going Right

When things go wrong, it's hard to understand what went right. It's easy to eliminate the good things and focus only on the bad things. Because this is the game that the brain plays best for this person. You wear a different color lipstick. Ten people will see you that day. Nine of them love it, give compliments.

Someone asks, "Has it ever happened? Has it gone to your skin ?” says...

Most likely, he is also a soul who is experiencing problems in his personal life, is exposed to criticism and is looking for a place and an excuse to reflect on his unhappiness.

And you won't wear that lipstick again. Because when you return home, it will not be the compliments of the other nine people that you remember, but the criticism of that last one.

That's it…

Ignoring the good things, believing and focusing only on the bad things is a game that our brain plays effortlessly, and while we are angry with people, they see the reason for all the bad things, we take vitamin mineral supplements and ignore the stake that our brain throws at us, which we look at as our child.

Don't spoil him, that's why. Know that he can deceive you and intervene.

While bad things are happening, think about the positive values that you see as ordinary, or even that you don't see, that you forgot to look at, and remind yourself of them.

An asset or talent that seems very small and simple to you, perhaps, is the goal that many people are trying to achieve, a dream.

3. I Can Control Some Things

One of the most important things to remember is that you have some, even a little, control over the negative situation you are experiencing. Even if you don't have full control over the situation, there is always something you can control. It is also your attitude and reaction to that event. When you receive the news of a serious illness of someone you love, instead of helplessly collapsing, crying, beating, fainting and sobering up, it is necessary to stand calm and hopeful and upright in order to search for the best doctor and the best treatment within your means, not to upset your loved ones, to provide good energy.

Because I experienced this personally. And I can talk freely because I lived when I was very young.

We were both the younger of two families when my ex-wife got cancer. We were about the same age. I am 28 he is 29…

And even though I was very, very scared, I chose the second method and I didn't shed a drop of tears and I was cheerful, hopeful, solution-oriented. I'm still surprised at how I was. God gives you the power to do the right thing. And indeed, a patient who they said we could lose in two months if he didn't respond to treatment has recovered. Maybe that wasn't the reason. We have seen a lot of people who are positive and very positive about this disease.

But I already said that if we don't have control after all, when I started explaining this article, but to make the process bearable is to manage what is happening inside of us.

Your attitude, your attitude also affects your environment in such processes, and although your hope is broken, sometimes remember that there is never any need to break the hope of others. I got divorced 7 years ago. I know, you were wondering, weren't you? My ex-wife is like a butt and she's married. May God always make him and his wife happy.

4. You Can Ask For Help

Asking for help can sometimes be difficult.

Some unnecessarily proud people are afraid of gratitude.

That's one of them, and I'm one of them, whereas it's one of the best ways to deal with difficult situations.

This is also an experience where you give your note to people who refuse your request for help or don't care.

Proud people who don't ask for help often like to look strong, so they can't gauge the reactions of people they're in touch with in a moment of crisis because of their lack of gratitude.

But if it's every difficult situation that happens, tell people what you need, especially the one who offers to help. The mind is superior to the mind, and someone who has been through the same experience will be more effective for you than many therapists. If you need help with a financial back exit, support, emotional support, or even to open a jar, call your friends and family and ask for help.

That doesn't make you weak. This makes you a person who ignores his ego when he needs the support of others and gives the people he asks for help the opportunity to make people feel important and want to do something for them.

As I said. A negative response decorated with cheap excuses that he will get when he wants will not make him lose anything.

On the contrary, it also determines the place of one or a few selfish parasites in your life who don't even pee on the injured finger.

You know what they say? One face of the one who wants, two faces of the one who does not give are black.

5. Will This Problem I'm Having Make Sense Next Year?

Most of the problems we are worried about today will probably not be important in a year's time, in fact, in a month's time. Remind yourself that this process, in which something is going wrong right now, is only a small percentage of your life span. Even if you are dealing with a big problem such as severe illness and the pain of death, everyone in this life will witness the death of someone they love very much one day, and everyone continues their life after a while.

He can't die with the dead, even if he wants to.

May God grant a sequential death to wool.

I think he would be embarrassed that every problem other than these is considered a problem.

Don't go over your poor problem.

6. I'll Take Care Of The Feeling

The lack of confidence experienced in facing difficult times, meeting and then handling them can cause stress, which will make the difficult times even more difficult. One of the best things to remember is that the strength to cope with difficult situations exists in your brain and in your heart. Even if you don't believe it, your factory settings are like this. Even if you feel angry, hurt, disappointed, or sad, it won't kill you everyday troubles. Work, love, career, boss, friendships, pickets, backstabbing, scams, slanders and related traumas go away. The important thing is your attitude to face them. It is he who is permanent and he is the one who creates the stress.

Are you going to say, "I'm done," or am I going to take care of this too?

My readers are kind-hearted, but they are very strong, so I know your answer.

You can handle it and you know you can handle it

7. There Is Also a Good in This

I burst out laughing as I took note of this item. In my heart, I said Nilgun, you are 46 years old, “No, there is,” and interestingly, you have seen the good of every negative event, but well, I won't see it anymore.

I'm exhausted from seeing No.

Joking aside, no matter how bad a situation is, I'm sure something good will come out of it.

It is fixed by experience.

At least don't call it a poor consolation; I believe in it a lot…

You will probably learn a life lesson, and believe me, it is very important; experiences that are heard, listened to, not played in the ear, but experienced personally.

At least you learn not to repeat the same mistake in the future. Even that's enough.

There is only one thing that happens to you when bad things happen and there is no situation to make an effort. there are necessarily good things that can arise, and think not about the trouble, but about the surprises that it will bring.

There is a very beautiful saying. It will fit this item very well. A saying of Socrates. I like it very, very much:

“Be sure to get married. If your wife is good, you will be happy, and if she is bad, you will be a philosopher.'

8. Accepting What Is Out of My Control Is Healing

Of course, there are many things that are not in your control. And this is the quirk of life., sometimes passes tangentially, sometimes pierces. You can't change your past, another person's behavior, or a loved one's health problems.

Don't waste time trying to force others to change or make things different if it's not in your control. Spending time and energy trying things you can't do makes you feel helpless and exhausted. Acceptance is the art of being able to stretch, bend and bend life. If you stretch, accept, bend when necessary and stand when necessary, you will not break.

Acceptance is the most healing method in situations of helplessness. When there is a heavy turbulence when you get on the plane, you do not get into the “cockpit” and interfere. You trust the pilot. There is nothing you will do. But you can fasten your seat belt.Like that in life.

Fasten your seat belts.

Leave the rest to Allah

9. I Have Overcome Difficulties in the Past, I Will Overcome This Too

One of the things you need to remember when facing difficulties is that you have dealt with the problem in the past. Do not ignore the difficulties that you have successfully dealt with Decisively. When a person feels helpless, he also feels inadequate. He delves into the psychology of the victim about his whole life. For this reason, remind yourself of all the past problems that you have overcome in such situations and gain confidence in dealing with current problems. A. Because your thinking structure will determine what will happen in most problems. Fighting with a sense of inadequacy and victim psychology is not a struggle. It is a battle in which the vanquished are obvious from the beginning.

Bob Marley says:

“When being strong remains the only remedy; then you will understand how strong you are.”

Sometimes problems are even an opportunity to understand our strength.

10. I Need to Take Good Care of Myself

If everything is going wrong, if there is no remedy, if there is nothing to do, if the world is sinking, then at least take care of yourself. Sleep, exercise, eat healthy and don't sit idly by. Find hobbies. When you work on something that you think you have no talent for, you are surprised at the results.

I also wrote my third book “ Not Out of Error, but Out of Loneliness“:

“We don't have a hobby because we do something very well, we start doing it well because we have a hobby...”

Here are yourself when you look better, in a case where helplessly is another chance to not wait, instead of waiting for time to pass looking at the walls and br show you work to improve yourself, you'll be better equipped to deal with problems in the future.

It would be easy to say that I waited for the warbler without doing anything, wouldn't it.?

Saying I was desperate allows empathy and sympathy to be felt for that person…

But don't let others feel empathy or sympathy for you anymore.

Hear these things for yourself and look for ways to become a person who walks, albeit slowly, and not crawling. It will not help you to listen to those who say woe woe to you. The problem grows as it is expressed. First, understand that what you think is a problem is not a problem. And then create a person that you will be proud of when you look in the mirror.

"Woe woe"s don't make you a stronger person, but even evaluating your crisis narrative to discover your potential makes you a person you want to applaud when you look in the mirror...

I conclude my article today with a quote from Charlie Chaplin, the great master of silent cinema, who inspires even today with what he talks about in life, even though he doesn't speak in his films:

"The mirror is my best friend, because it doesn't laugh when I cry”

Laugh at the mirrors for me today .

Don't walk past him.

And say well done Decently once in a while.

Don't wait for someone else to say it..,.

I'm kissing you.

Take a good look at yourself in all the mirrors


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