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Protecting Your Emotional Well-being: Beware of Manipulators

Who are the people you should be cautious of? What are the red flags of manipulation and manipulators ? How can you protect yourself from deceptive people?

8 Warning Signs of Deceptive Personalities aka Manipulators

Protecting Your Emotional Well-being: Beware of Manipulators
Beware of Manipulators

Hi to all of you,

Plenty of people monitor what is posted through social networks or encounter videos on Facebook, YouTube, and various other platforms. From time to time, they might catch phrases buzzing around, words like "gaslighting," "manipulation," "narcissism," "antisocial," ect., yet they're puzzled about what they're actually listening.

Probably very few of you have had any knowledge of these expressions whatsoever.

I was intending to address the word "manipulation" within these words today.

As the phrase genuinely represents the fundamental cause of all the struggles that sad or depressed individuals encounter.

It's not love, a job, money, health, etc., believe me; it's something else that makes people unhappy.

Those who come across deceitful and cunning con artists end up feeling depressed..

Because manipulation is such a well-known and essential dynamic within all narcissistic, antagonistic, challenging, & lately generally referred as “toxic” connections, I felt that the expression simply fails to receive the consideration that it deserves. And for that reason, I decided to write little more about it in this article.

I felt it was relevant to get started with this article's discussion on manipulation by its definition found in a dictionary.

According to dictionaries, the verb to manipulate refers to the act of strategically yet inappropriately or fraudulently controlling or influencing a person or a circumstance for one's own personal gain.

On the other hand, the dictionary's definition of the word manipulation is the action carried out by the manipulator with the objective to accomplish a desired outcome. Undoubtedly, such a course of action is not beneficial for the greater good that have been influenced by it.

But rather than being open and honest about what they want, why they want it from you or exactly why they're in need of your support, these cunning and self-centered people attempt to manipulate you with words and deeds to ensure that you surrender to their requirements or assist them to accomplish their personal goals, all while enjoying a board game they play with your sensitive feelings.

The most prevalent approach to manipulate another individual is to instill within someone a sense of guilt, shame, obligation, poor self-worth or not having trust in themselves, uncertainty, worry, and fear of being not good enough.

Other than that, it is relatively rare that both the manipulator and the person who is manipulated to be fully conscious of the challenges that the victim experiences.

The description of the individual's behavior clearly does not fall under the term manipulation, if they act with intention.

Since I'm not acquainted with such academic expression, I rather refer to those people simply scumbags or pricks.

Manipulators who rack in the most vulnerable areas we all possess with the goal to achieve their needs. A manipulative individual finds it extremely simple to exert influence over others. It is like a hobby.

If the act is done consistently, with priority, and in sufficient time, the results get more and more exceptional and sophisticated.

And, especially if the individual in an intimate connection finds out that the other party has a fear of separation or abandonment, he certainly will enjoy toying around with that anxiety.

And once you distribute the reactions that that they seek out of this game, namely contempt, rage, or apathy the game's winner becomes obvious.

Because such responses tend to be one of the most apparent indicators that the manipulation is working.

These techniques function efficiently with respondents as they tend to be easily swayed sensitive and caring, empathetic individuals who would prefer to prevent whatever causes discomfort for them.

Stated differently, instead of feeling remorse such individuals devote all of their precious time, funds, love, physical labor, as well as sacrifice for those in their immediate vicinity in order to ensure that their actions do not upset them and avoid situating others in a difficult circumstance.

In my humble opinion, people do their hardest to repress feelings of guilt the most. Even if it's only a mispronounced word, people almost never want other people to feel bad about themselves.

Assume that you have put in time and effort, formally invested in the stock market, and have been patiently waiting for the value of your shares to increase. It is possible, though, that a certain stock might close its books for good.

However, there is a chance of both big profitability and shutting the board of the same stock. It's the stock market; investing in it carries risk.

And in that relationship, the master manipulator says,

"I adore it when you hang out with loved ones. But when you put in too much effort, you collapse. On the one hand, you have a full-time job. This intensity wears you out very quickly. I believe it will be beneficial for me to step aside in this manner.

Pretending to be a burden to the other person adds another load to the load of the person.

While a person in a difficult situation is struggling in that difficult situation, a new problem is created for him, and he is now forced to choose one of them. He was happier with one burdain. What just happened?

Now all of this falls within the scope of what I would call negative manipulation, the person manipulates us by playing with our fears or weaknesses, even small things…

Our fear of letting people down is actually letting us down, we don't realize it.

This is more of an abusive, cruel, but average type of violent manipulation.

But there is also positive manipulation, but again the person serves his personal interests by making the other person feel positive. This is a kind of gassing manipulation. Don't look at what I'm saying positively, this is what is called bias, flattery and flattery.

In fact, there are several methods for you, let me give examples in your mind so that you can understand that you are being manipulated in this business.

1- They Make the Other Person Doubt Themselves.

For example, if I need to explain this article, people who use the sentences “you said ya” or “No, I didn't say that” very often will take you out of your own reality

it makes you doubt. I mean, first they make you crazy, then they call you crazy.

We can say that insecure people who enjoy playing puppets, who enjoy managing puppets excessively, drive you crazy and lower your self-confidence so that you can get down to your own Junkets. so they equalize the level.

2- They are Experts in Trapping the Other Person in a Guilt Trap.

There are also methods for this, let me convey them to you in one sentence.

To suggest at every opportunity that you are not doing as much work as they are doing themselves.

Constantly stand up for the mistakes you made in the past

Reminding them of the good they have done for you in the past and making you feel that you are “indebted” to the 0ns.

Pretending to be angry and angry, but then denying that there is a problem when we ask them

In short, to engage in passive-aggressive behavior

3- They Benefit from Kindness, Compassion and Your Ethical Behavior to the Bottom.

It is interesting that our plus features, which should be, unfortunately, are the features that are most quickly smelled by manipulators. But they use it not to praise you, but to exploit you

The proverb in Turkish that he who gives his hand cannot take his arm is actually a beautiful description of emotional manipulation. You feel good because you are doing good, that's a good thing. But the traumatic part of it is that one day you realize that they're not around when you need them. That's why I say don't expect goodness when you do good, because you won't experience the goodness and badness that you don't expect. Even if you cannot afford the possibility of ingratitude, do not do good, because kindness is the most quickly punished crime in our social justice system.

4- Knowingly Spreading False Information

And your reputation management is done by them, this task is not done very well. Usually such people make critical comments about you, treating the environment before you, as they prepare the case before stealing the minaret. This creates prejudice in people. When you feel the negative energies from your environment over time, and on the other hand, when you want to tell what you are experiencing with that person, you will not find the only person around you who believes in you.

The worst part is that the reaction or indifference you receive from the environment in general, that is, lack of reaction, again causes you to question your faith in yourself, and Buddha again brings with him feelings of worthlessness and lack of self-confidence.

5- They Never Commit A Crime And Do Not Accept The Crime

Moreover, if there is a crime belonging to them, which I applaud for their abilities, they somehow convince people that the crime committed was committed against them. This is called victim psychology, which I hate. Agitation, which we call agitation, is the most important feature of the personality disorder type, also called hidden narcissism, which attracts attention with the psychology of the victim, which is played on the mercy of the environment of people and which we do not realize very much

6-They Are Good at Hiding Their Manipulative Traits.

Have you seen a manipulator with a sign around his neck?

He has excellent abilities in disguise.

That's what makes them even more powerful.

Of course, they are aware of the possibility that they could be caught doing this shit. I'm talking about those who specialize in this. Again, I come to the sentence I just said, because they have played many minarets before, they keep the case ready and even redundant.

7- They Make Everything They Do Look Normal

In fact, they are very shocked and surprised that you see what they are doing wrong. The scary part is that I have the ability to convince, I did it because of my former profession, because of my personality, but if you use something wrong, if you think it's the right one, the wrong one, the other one, and if you convince him of that, the person starts questioning himself again. Summary societies full of victims of poor people who see themselves as strong by making the other person powerless

8- They pretend ignorance

This is usually used as a last resort.

In other words, because they have their mistakes on their faces and when there is a very clear mistake, is that how we saw adam, by God, I don't know at all, they use words like you understand such things out of decency, or when they ask you for something, why you don't do it, they say, I don't understand, so ignorance is their most powerful weapon. In fact, ignorance in general is an atomic bomb.

I usually close after counting the items, but I want to draw attention to one topic in a nutshell. It is not so difficult to realize the negative energy of the person who constantly eats you, and the evil that can come from them will not surprise us much. Due to the constant increase in the need for approval, which tires my mind, of course, it has increased due to social media, which I call positive manipulation, which exploits us and traumatizes us by flattering us by praising us and making us feel good, and even making us unable to predict the evil that will come after, whereas the type of manipulation that is very negative.

For example, praise is meaningful for me when it is very sincere, but when that praise is used in the interests of the praising person, it is the dictionary equivalent of psychological violence.

To be praised is a very beautiful thing.

I would like to explain this topic by giving an example.

For instance, for someone who you never thought you didn't care about material things, and even praising you all the time about it, one of your personality that you want to borrow money from you after a short time we praise praise you're gonna yakistirdin your own favorite, and the person set to disappoint, or maybe to prove yourself to yourself, normally you wouldn't give owes you a fucking smile.

You would even be proud of yourself.

But because of the same story, maybe that debt, which was said to be paid back after a month, when it is not paid back, you cannot ask for years. Praised so once I notice, I wonder he raves, so tell us a little pampering things, we think it suits us, but that actually clings to us, adjectives, idioms tantalizing our chests, consumables and unrequited love, or being exerted in the interests of working?

This technique is more likely to appear in bilateral relationships during the sweet months and honeymoon phases, they can compliment your appearance, compliment your knowledge, career, experience, conversation, opposite your eyes, everything, but they do it to get them something they want in the future. Emotional people, to such behavior, cannot remain indifferent. Oh, my dear, what a nice guy you are, how sweet, they say. I always say, praise is swelling, and don't be deflated by the place.

In fact, the issue that comes into play here is the excess of the need for approval.

Because we know ourselves and we know that if we, our physics, our character, our careers, our conversation, our grace, our compassion, not to prove to others, but our own inner peace in order to check out the mirror for excellence and bottom, with a clean heart, if we can show what we can, so in order to see ourselves in the eyes of others if we are to be in need of, We don't see ourselves with unrealistic and exaggerated praise, any more than we have.

Because if the eyes and words of others will affect us so much, their mouths are not bags so that you shrink; the person who praises your physique and sees that you like it a lot, one day when you gain weight, criticizes you about it, if he realizes the need for his eyes and words, he knows that the first criticism he will make will hurt you very much. Here is the value that is sometimes given to compliments, loads of value to the scribes. And our brain is so ungrateful that it remembers not praise, but blame.

In fact, especially in our country, in bilateral relations, marriages, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously learned through the experience justifies it works manipulation exerted in the honeymoon phase of marriage in the sense raves. And I think the one who says ”one", that is, the first one who applies it, is the manipulator, and the other one is the manipulated one. I'm saying that people favor themselves, or my recent videos are always, those who feel that some sentences are useful to them instinctively make a habit of using those sentences.

This is a manipulation that we can all do.

If the lies a mother tells to feed her child vegetables and the games she makes work, it can become a habit. And here the mother is thinking not about her own interests, but about the health of her child.

In other words, the person who has the power of persuasion and shows it by looking out for the interests of the other party is the one who uses it for good, even though he has the ability to manipulate.

So superheroes are the ones we love because they use their powers to serve the good. If they used the same power for evil, we wouldn't respect their power and expect them to be disgraced by our hero at the end of the film. The forces are equal, but the goals are different, and they change the fate of the film, right?

In other words, manipulation is a positive trait when used for a good purpose, but unfortunately, because the human instinct thinks less about the other side and is more selfish, it can also use it for its own interests. Let him use it, of course. But surely he should think about the consequences for the other side, right?

Abuse of manipulation is actually the issue that we need to pay attention to, and if negative manipulation and positive manipulation harm the other party in the long term, this is a dangerous situation. In fact, we can think that some of them are done unconsciously, while others do it calculatedly, right, so the negative also has degrees. It is not possible to know and understand this because if a person has acquired this habit, if you are doing it consciously and planned, most likely, when we face that person, he will say that I am not aware of it, and if someone does it unwittingly, he will say that I am not aware of it.

So the solution to this is once you realize it, because you stop questioning yourself, feeling ashamed, or swelling up with too much praise. In other words, compliments are concepts that you can eliminate by filtering what is said to you, by knowing yourself, by knowing what is what, that is, by looking at yourself a little from above and from the outside, in short, by increasing our awareness. After realizing this, there are two things that can be done. First a nice confrontation with the manipulator, then I don't know if we don't know if it's an excuse or not, I don't know if I'm sorry to hear the sentence, and also to give another chance to understand the sincerity and sincerity of this Essence. Because if he is not aware of it, if he values the other person as much as himself, he will not make this move again.

But if he is doing it consciously, he will continue to increase the dose after this confrontation.

But if he didn't hear you, or if he didn't understand, there's a very good proverb, you know, You won't decorate your face with the word Sahara Orb and you'll leave there. It's not what upsets me is usually less people the awareness, awareness, although it is necessary in the face and now he's been doing the same face over and over by decreases in the value of stocks in the stock market to be unable to accept the fact that you can't get enough of wrestling defeated by because unfortunately so with awareness and manipulated like a puppet by someone ozguvensizlik is to move on.

It's not important not to know in this business that upsets me, but not being able to apply after knowing destroys a person. The living dead is like that. The worst part is that the living dead live because they bite others and spread like an infectious disease, unhappiness contagious unhappiness, do you know how it turns into a tram, even knowing unhappiness, by being exposed to it accordingly.

Please take care of yourself and if you know people like the ones I described in this article, either remove them from your life or don't become their victim if they will take part in your life…


Nilgün BODUR



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