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  • THE DISORDER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS:Embracing Imperfection

    Why in the world is that when a number of individuals finds it extremely difficult to own up their own wrongdoing though they're quite aware of their misconduct? Which traits relate to those individuals who in their right mind act as if they were right yet they're not at all? What Is the Disorder of Righteousness? How Does the Disorder of Righteousness Impact Society? Is the Disorder of Righteousness a Necessary Evil? I would like to express my viewpoint on this issue with you because in case you find yourself asking yourselves or others around you these sorts of questions. I'll be pleased as long as you get some response regarding those inquiries. On occasion, whenever you begin to feel overpowered and rely on feeling accurate, you suggest knowledgeable questions such as "Do you really want to be right or just happy?" "Happy," one answers. It looks like that the problem at hand has been successfully handled. However, the truth is that happiness and justice are strongly associated. We all make the assumption once we acknowledge the injustice, we all will prove to be mature and virtuous once this preposterous inquiry is thrown at us out of the blue. Yet our primitive as well as, in my humble view, immaculate judicial system that is inherited inherited will not let go of us. Never have I witnessed a person who is correct, plays along to have been incorrect while continues to stay on the other individual's right side, which somewhat fails to be an appropriate side, yet remains at ease. It is only if I was able to prove the validity of my point regarding the argument, convinced the opposing party, and also felt their remorse during the process and authentically delivering a sincere apology would I feel relieved. Naturally, for an extended period despite losing the legal battle and expressing regret, the individual almost always proceeds to repeat the exact same mistake. with no failure. So while you inevitably grow weary of all the incorrectness, he subsequently gets weary of expressing regret each time and declares, "It's enough, so don't keep going over it." Because, despite the fact that the injustice done calls for remorse, we can all accept this fact, that the other individual actually did such as he did not anticipate he would ever regret any of it. Those who apologize believe they deserve some kind of standing ovations. For me, a virtue that ought to be acknowledged would be having no necessity to offer an apology or otherwise demeaning another person as a result of self-righteous repeating "sorry" is not an act which is worthy of praise. Commonly, apologetics lack a sense of remorse concerning their actions. A person shouldn't be willing to take the risk with that feeling immediately. The vast majority of the people who offered an apology took on so since they firmly believed reconciliation proved to be a gift for that other individual. It's not appropriate for people to cheer someone who makes use of the line "I'm sorry, I was an ass," given it is most difficult one to say in Turkish. Moreover, he also is convinced that is worthy of accolades. It is very similar to awarding a medal to a primary school student who successfully excelled their ability to read. Each apologetic whoever does what he or she ought to have done receives a medal of honor. I repeat. Making an apology towards one that is unable to even apologize might seem as virtue, yet it's just two simple phrases with regard to everyone, so you don't need to believe that the individual who did it represents an exemplar of virtue. And undoubtedly, for those who are able to survive, regret is a very heavy emotion. And those individuals who are concerned of feeling such a way refrain from irresponsible acts and are reluctant to cause pain to their loved ones who may not be recuperated despite even the most sincere possible efforts. An apology is like putting on band-aids. Hence, there is in fact a cut in its core. To prevent injuries ought to be the primary objective. So what is the disorder of righteousness and what exactly triggers it? The condition usually involves the individual who who ought to give an apology yet refuses to apologize around it, not the one who is right. People internalize the statements such "You're mistaken" or "I don't believe so, ect.," which are frequently thrown on them through the actions of their parents, partners, acquaintances, or relatives. "No, no, this shouldn't be the way you think," or "I really think that you're interpreting events erratically," As a result, individuals eventually suffer from cognitive stagnation to such an extent where they end up unable to make any choices or to decide which direction to go simply because they are convinced that whatever they decide to do is going to be false. I don't mean to say this to incite individuals to behave irresponsibly when it comes to the consequences of their decisions. In other words, people who conduct misbehavior shouldn't be holding their spouse, friends, family, or society accountable for their selfish actions. Any circumstance may result in the development of one's personal integrity, and it is every individual's responsibility to act in an ethical manner. The insight to figure out what is either correct or incorrect in a situation cultivates from one's conscience rather than through one's ears and eyes However, those tiny bugs that infiltrate our mind trigger us to question both our sanity and morality. I strongly believe that if you repeat something over and over, it will eventually cease to exist Because of how frequently your truths have come to be challenged to controversy, you have developed the ability to discarding the subject matter about what is right or wrong in order to blend in into the herd. As a contributing member of society, you will no longer stand up for your own values; on the contrary, you must preserve what you consider to be right, despite the fact that sadly, you often find yourself to be terribly wrong. Since that they failed to to inform you about what was inaccurate throughout your journey, you will never know for sure whether you are accurate. Becoming hung on the notion of remaining the right person may occasionally lead to deeper issues within ourselves as opposed to being wrong, Most others' lives are tormented by this infatuation with righteousness, that hasn't been tempered using reasoning or just compassion. Actually, they looked over all of their actions though the lens that reflected their moral conscience but might have generally doubted its validity. Why is being correct so vital? We human beings instinctively strive for being valid. In the aftermath of all, how could anyone be truly unbiased? Each individual comes with personal preferences. The amount that needs adjustments becomes the issue at hand. Once remaining right takes precedence over empathy, compassion, passion, and sensitivity, a cause for concern emerges. We commonly fail to acknowledge the fact that our entire bilateral connections have come to the point of no return; whereas we mostly stagnate having meaningless interactions. However, these conversations typically spark skepticism in the quiet Nonetheless, these debates usually create confusion while in pure silence, causing us to gradually become out of touch with our authentic identities. Many times, the morally upright and responsible thoughts that cause us to second-guess our very own values are indeed not accurate. They generally cause harm and create doubt within the one who turns out to be accurate. Being that he who is right is right simply because he has the ability to question, empathize, and make use of his own conscience as an instrument of justice. In this instance he finds himself questioning his actions yet again as a result of exactly the same qualities. Over the course of time, he begins to lose his sense of self-worth and trust in all of what he truly believes. And likely there may be a virus that reveals in his blood stream like a contagious illness, a virus that assures him constantly without providing any proof that " I'm so right." Generally speaking, we seek to prove our righteousness with the goal to prevent the feelings of failure, disgrace, frustration, and rejection intimidation. So we would experience an immense amount of relief once we placed all of those feelings behind enclosed spaces throughout the rest of our lives. Surely confronting our fears head-on might help us overcome every one of our fears instead of simply fleeing off. Suppose that you're wrong. Let's simply acknowledge that you are insulted by your very own fault. So, what would happen? It was you who showed no concern about other people's feelings. As soon as you commit costly errors, you've already made it apparent. If you truly cared for those around you, you possibly would have made the correct decision at the very beginning as opposed to trying to cover up your own wrongdoing. The emotions that drive an argument are almost never legitimate or justified. Whether we are in the right or wrong is of little significance at all all while we are engaged in a disagreement or a conflict. Once someone feels attacked throughout an altercation, he typically need to deal with it and give themselves some time to recuperate. Being always right implies the need to be "noticed, understood, and acknowledged"; and it has very little to do with ethical principles. In real life, meaning is far more significant than preciseness. Our intimacy with ourselves and with others will only be compromised once we hand over our conscience's authority to external powers. Overcoming challenges via genuine attitudes is a far more rewarding experience than constraining oneself to shallow normative judgments. Truth be told, there are certainly circumstances where it genuinely may be less complicated to simply be happy than to be right. What exactly constitutes one's desire to be right in overall, an urge which nearly all individuals experience to a certain extent, particular? One may sense an overwhelming inner drive to verify one's own reality based on this crave. it's never entirely a must for such pressure to emanate from somewhere uncivilized. He ultimately is identified by a mental portrait which is rougher, quite primitive, and probably more infantile. If we are completely truthful with ourselves as individuals, we'll all carry a gigantic baby deep within ourselves, whereas the majority of us have the capacity to embrace the fact and also put an end around it to ensure the situation does not harm themselves or the others. It appears as though he is a cartoon character's devil perched over one's shoulder. The Devil desires to engage in conflict, receive vengeance, or chastise while the holy one perceives chances for advancement. This gigantic newborn defies any responsibility with an attempt to preserve his indestructibility, importance, and magnificence. One has a responsibility to act the way excellence deserves. The individual in question craves for validation and reassurance in lieu of thirst to growing through unexpected circumstances that they consider as life-threatening. This can be an effective way to steering clear of a dangerous scenario towards appearing superior. With regard to either the individual or his counterparts, the severity of destruction remains the same. What Motivates Us to Ever Strive to Look Right? Or put another way, what is wrong with the righteous? In a nutshell the desire for being right constitutes a highly detrimental mindset that may result in devastating impacts for both your personal and professional lives. Anyone who makes life difficult for all those around him is anyone who's incapable of taking responsibility regarding his or her own misdeeds and failures. Someone who continually feels obligated to be right usually finds it hard to come to terms when their actions are the root of the problem and casts the blame somewhere else, as to those around him. If one struggles to acknowledge when they're wrong, the problems are only going to get more difficult. This habit may not be restricted to major events. People might have difficulty recognizing if they are wrong regarding relatively trivial matters, including a response to a question as well as any incorrect statement. Moreover, it is even worse if it involves a friend or loved one as you possibly face the potential of being dragged deep into a meaningless controversy. Which raises a particular question in the back of my mind: Why in the world do we feel compelled to remain perfect at all times? It seems that there are multiple reasons why people might experience an urge to always have it right. 1. It is widely believed that this type of behavior serves as a disguise for feeling insecure, and for the most part, really is. Anytime an individual feels mistaken or thinks he fell far short from the criteria for accuracy, he becomes concerned about the way other individuals might think of him. This particular type of insecurity can frequently be a result of destructive or dysfunctional family relationships which one might have experienced growing up. The desire to be accurate might serve as a defense mechanism that may assist the individual in question navigate through whatever that is they happen to be experiencing., sadly, though, it is toxic within any established relationship. 2. Because many issues truly are an issue of "who is right?" within contemporary culture, individuals who come out as mistaken often get chastised. It quickly turns to a dispute. Politics is a perfect example. Participants of both ends struggle to seek a common ground while are continuously arguing, calling out or questioning regarding who's superior. In the end, organizations collapse since acknowledging the mistakes they made requires rewarding their "rivals" for their conduct. 3. There can be severe repercussions when someone within the workplace admits they are mistaken. While mistakes are inevitable in life, accepting responsibility for your actions and owning up to your errors could make you more prone to blame. Sometimes the person in charge can be unforgiving of any kind of failure. Maybe it is an opposing teammate of yours who will be thrilled to make use of one of your mistakes against you. One should therefore learn to adapt to the surroundings regardless of one's unique beliefs. Knowing that the virtue of owning up to your mistakes won't win you any friends or admirers keeps you at ease. 4. Individuals who display intellectual elitism and feel compelled to correct others whenever they differ with them in order to prove how significantly wiser they are. On top of that, they usually fail to reserve a margin for error personally and do not take critique very well regardless of whether it is justified. In addition, the opinions of such people tend to be those which everyone else immediately follows, and he that lies down with dogs will rise up with fleas 5. Lastly, there is the mental health component of the issue at hand. Anxiety disorders along with various types of mood disorders may lead individuals feel that they must remain accurate in order to preserve a fundamental and consistent cognitive and behavioural pattern. It could be more beneficial for his own peace of mind and happiness trying to understand another point of view instead of holding onto the viewpoint he personally considers to be accurate Can someone who always thinks he's right see the big picture?
We may not know what we don't know, though. Why should you search for fresh or more reliable insights when you believe you know for certain which facts are accurate? Why even bother researching something when you are convinced you have already mastered everything that there is to learn? Individual growth is hindered by this restricted viewpoint about life. Because another person's being right is unbearable to the one who needs to be right. When it comes to anybody in the world who holds a viewpoint that they disagree with, he could feel as though they are always either defensive or aggressive. If you have to deal with even one individual of this type on a regular basis, I wish you all the best of luck. Love, Nilgün BODUR SCHEDULE A VIDEO CONSULTATION INFO ABOUT NILGUN BODUR & HER BOOKS CONTACT DETAILS AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS NILGUN BODUR NILGUN BODUR BOOK QUOTES

  • 10 Warning Signs of Envy

    Envy: A Silent Poison That Harms Relationships How can envy damage relationships and friendships? 10 telltale factors indicating that you happen to be envied are detailed down below. These warning signs that you shouldn't ignore might indicate that someone is jealous of you. With these ten indicators, you won't be able to stop someone who is envious of you from feeling the way they do, yet you may avoid feeling unpleasant regarding yourself as your aren't convinced that other people may be genuine as a consequence of specific factors within your relationship with them. I discussed the warning signs of friendship envy piece by piece within a blog post I put together  in the recent past. I wanted to expand over some of the content as well as add fresh perspectives after I went back and watched a couple of my previous videos as we were decoding them as part of a project. Additionally, I sought an opportunity to speak briefly with you more about envy more broadly this second time, not just solely friendship animosity. I also wanted to address some of the mental and/or physical consequences that almost always result in therapy sessions for the recipient, or, if one wants to phrase it more simply, the victim, instead of the the person who is the main cause of that discomfort. The obvious indicators of this very nasty sensation defined as envy, that is typically sensed by individuals who have severe anti social personality disorder, are only able to be realized once it manifests in conduct. For example, a young person who has never attended college may decide to do so after witnessing someone close who completed their studies move on to pursue an upper management position, he understandably may find  the status he has achieved.admiring Although envy is a strong motivation, naturally Although envy is a powerful motivator, the outcomes might not always be the same. Nevertheless, he decided on the right choice for his own benefit without harming anyone else—on the contrary, by accomplishing a goal and behaving in line with that aim, he acted very etchically In any case, the outcome is never guaranteed. Who knows what will happen. Let's imagine he couldn't achieve the same position, and when he saw the person he respected, he commenced to feel miserable and grew irritated towards the same individual for no apparent reason. The person who experiences this sensation ought to get back to it to analyze it as soon as possible since such a feeling, although seems at first to be completely human, may eventually transform into an increasingly pathological condition. Everything he does, everything he says starts to weigh him down, and even if the other person supports him, further lends him cash, offers him guidance; he starts to think "his arrogance has gone through the roof, and he's cocky, he's just doing it in order to manipulate, he's showing off", ect. He may not realize that his mental process gradually starts to operate with a devious side that is designated to serve his thoughts regarding such imaginations... In case he is able to handle the issue without offending the other party and keeping him from further doubting himself in the days to come, he honestly says: "I feel that I'm battling with troubling ideas, and the more that I face you, the more I think about my shortcomings. Let's reduce the time spent together and allow me to get back to you, when I feel ready and when I get rid of these thoughts,” In an ideal world, that is exactly what a person should do. Considering there aren't many examples of such, I hypothesized that such an ideal scenario might demand a less complicated approach. Even if he has to make the other side question "what the hell is going on" , he should simply get out of his life... But, as I already mentioned, this is not a particularly ethical manner; but even if the method causes pain to the other party and leads him to question himself, the discomfort or injury, if any at all, could subside with time and there wouldn't be any noticeable effects later in life. Both parties will be able to process the issue personally through stillness and tolerance. However, if this approach fails to be selected, and especially if you're in an intense connection with the individual who you are envious of, you are going to witness the absurdity of a contest called "I am not envious, he is terrible!" which your mind plays with yourself and which you think is legitimate, yet frequently questioning its accuracy. But, probably, due to the fact that you aren't able to tolerate such unjust existence due to the game you created, plus since it's hard to dispute, you keep anticipating in the game, that has become your world's reality. And you start to seek for validation by the others regarding this made-up and stupid game  in order to  feel widely accepted by everyone else surrounding you. Instead of perceiving yourself as an underachiever or simply embracing disappointments, accepting the praise of this mental game leads to you to judge high achievers poorly which can be severely destructive. Because you cannot accept and move past life's upheavals and inequity, while it can be extremely challenging to keep pursuing regarding your own personal goals, you start to share your mental game with other people. in fact, there’s plenty of time given that you will cease walking and begin to follow another person's path at some stage. Most of the time, the prosperous person remains oblivious of these. Possibly he isn't even conscious of the fact that has been successful. He's simply walking, maybe for the reason he's scared that once he ceases, his imagination would begin playing games with him likewise. Who knows? This is precisely the moment when the deceitful statements which render the achiever look bad commence. There is another possibility. Someone else in the same situation can begin playing these games without admiration, without putting any effort, that is, without even experiencing the "inspiration" phase that I pointed out so that he may study and hustle to become like him... He was ready to seek for and discover new players to play the game  with him, and finds a very firm audience, but which was tragically blank.… When the audience is also devoid of value, they'll score lots of goals as a team against the vacant net of the team that lack a defensive unit nor the goalkeeper... If the sole representative of the opposing team decides to go out onto the field to assess the situation, he will likely be shown a red card by a person he had no idea that he happened to be the referee... They additionally present him the empty net, which is in shambles due to the goals that were scored, and then send him away.... But every single one of them are in their own shadow. Whatever they obtain doesn't qualify as a win for them. Because no one has played with them. It is hard for them to live their lives with the sense of accomplishment of the scored goals  towards a vacant net  during a game that has no opposing team. As a result, they keep on searching for abandoned nets in the following days... However, at least the unaware player of the losing team has a net that belongs to him, even if it has been vacant, where aimless and envious others could score goals. However, the uninformed member of the losing side holds a net that is his, regardless of whether it might have been vacant wherein irrational and envious opponents might have scored goals. Envy seems to be just a meaningless game in which the envious individual is totally oblivious and encourages other people to join in the fabricated game invented by the wicked side of his brain, but sadly, in spite of the empty victory that was thought to be gained at the end of such a match, the despised individual's heart and soul, such as his net, has remained in tatters. Envious souls, on the other hand, will be left with a devoid triumph to treasure. At the same time, the opponent starts putting up an entirely new net..Who knows, maybe now that he's learnt his lesson, he'll be able to find a skilled defender and a competent goalkeeper. He additionally possesses no urge for scoring goals since he just likes to play by himself. He undoubtedly generated a good deal through the crooked game.He has come to understand that if he wants  to stay away from losing unforeseen matches in the days to come, he must employ a strong defense. Strangely,  envy is possibly solely helpful to the very souls that it's tearing apart... I wanted to go over the "signs of envy" in this article to help those who need to establish their defense in advance of the moment when their nets fall apart . And I feel compelled to add each time I refer to a sign of destructive conduct. Please do not look for such signs in far surroundings. People you don't have any concern for are unable to harm you. The extent of the harm caused is proportional to the worth that you put for the person involved. The deepest scar is created by the one who is dearest to you, or, to put it another way, by the person you think is the dearest to you... So allow me to start by naming 10 of the traits a person who is extremely envious or resentful of you may display. With the goal to expand the level of your awareness. 1- Jealous People Underestimate Your Achievements As obviously, these are the individuals with deprived self-worth; their sense of being not good enough contributes to a tendency to perceive other people's achievements as threat. As a result, they try to divert people's focus away from their own accomplishments and put a great effort to minimize them. This is the only way they can elevate individually. Diminishing someone else's achievements helps them overestimate their own low self worth t A envious individual won't ever consider whatever you accomplish as being excellent. He will denigrate the things you've achieved along with everything that you're proud of. Instead of cheering you for what you've accomplished, they try to discredit it while making you feel like this is indeed actually true. So, if you are happy and express it, they are going to persuade themselves, the ones around you, and even yourself that there's absolutely nothing that you should feel happy about in your miserable life. 2- Jealous People Talk Bad About You You don't expect a jealous person to say something nice about you to others, or do you? They will talk, they will even talk like caring about you, but very worried about your recent mental breakdowns. And the poison of their snake tongue will settle into the subconscious of others. If incase you somehow hear about their concern and you confront them, they will convince even you of the virtue and nobility of their intentions with the instinct of feeling experienced snakiness. It is not important what is said, but how it is said. And when he tells you how he said it, probably you will be convinced as your heart wants to be convinced of good intentions of your loved ones. If what they gossip around is half true, it's still a major problem because your trust has been betrayed. But they usually lie, and this time it already carries the nature of slander and is a crime even by law. But they also really like to start and spread false or true rumors because they don't have a topic to talk about. Because they have made their careers specializing in gossip, sedition and slander, it is not possible for him to tell you about a book he has read or a movie he has watched, a hobby, charity work he has done, a state of feeling he has experienced about a person he is in contact with… Because these things do not exist in your life. Because lying takes a lot of time. The right is easy. You know, and you say it ends, but when a lie becomes a career, and it takes years for a person to set up, manage, branch out, get stuck, it takes time and requires follow-up. Because it is necessary to show care and effort so that it does not come out right. It is an admirable labor to kill what is not, and also to raise it and make it live. And why would they do that? As you can imagine, since they can't be good themselves, they make you believe that they have expenses by doing worse, first they convince themselves, and then they choose from idiots who have no insight and are tempted to believe the lies they are told, and their numbers are also quite high in the realm of el 3- Jealous People Compete With You in a Race That You Don't Even Know About Jealous people challenge you from among them and put you in an undeclared race because they carefully fictionalize you quietly again among them. They organize illegal matches without the knowledge of the federation with their opponents who are not even in the same league as them and who are unaware of their competition. Maybe even willingly loses the match because that opponent does not know that he is playing a match or feels that he is in a match, but thinks that the result will not affect his own league. He even rejoices in his defeat, because he feels that he has made the other side happy. For this reason, they turn a blind eye to fouls, tricks, goals scored with their hands during the match... making someone feel good is a greater reward for them than goals scored and a match won. The purpose of a person whose brain has been burned out by jealousy is to try to see and show that he is weak and himself strong by scoring an empty goal again… I always say to see and show. Because if others don't see their victory and congratulate and approve, they will be afraid to doubt at some point the absurdity of Deconstructing a match that doesn't exist, playing in that match and ultimately winning. I told you, he wants to lie. Does he want it to be wasted on the lies he has built his life on, who has worked so hard… 4- Jealous People Criticize You in Order to Destroy and Intimidate You. It doesn't matter how hard you work to achieve something or how talented you are for them. A person who is jealous has only one feeling for you, and that is jealousy. But it is such a complicated feeling that they can't give it another name in the rush to name it something else. I'm jealous, I don't officially say either to yourself or to others. For this reason, they load a lot of lies and biased emotions into their minds, brains, behavior, decisions, words, hearts for you... There is no room for other emotions in their bodies… As a result, in order not to have difficulty creating these biased feelings, they will also see you as a scoundrel who is always doing wrong, treating them badly, cocky, incompetent, ugly, but just lucky… But if they think a little, they will find it. If they knew how unlucky someone who is so close to you, the person you love unconditionally, trust, share everything with you, work in your relationship, and you don't know because he never shares his vile thoughts with you and keeps laughing in your face, as well as unannounced matches, is actually added to your struggle in life, they would pity instead of envy... And they wouldn't understand that you're very unlucky, but I said, their brains have crossed the intelligence line due to the complexity of jealousy...That's why you look lucky in their eyes. Their brains are burned somewhere on the journey… And here they want you to learn by constantly telling you that you're not really shit by criticizing and scolding, and they reinforce your information with repetitions they make to make sure that you know or haven't forgotten. For them, this is a great effort they are making for you, and you are stealing their precious time even though you are not shit. And they will leave no room for the possibility that you will not understand these blessings because they put them in the eye. You should be grateful. You don't want to be shit and be ungrateful, do you? Even in these criticisms, they often think that they are making you get hurt by comparing them to themselves or others. Because they have compared themselves to you and suffered great injuries in time. They think that what is in front of them is like themselves… After a while, they feel that you are not injured and increase the dose, and unfortunately, in the end, what you say that you love gets into your subconscious... And the suggestions you make to yourself are added to the struggle you are having with life… Let go of everything, when someone you love criticizes you, even trying too hard to look good to him is enough to get tired, exhausted… 5- Jealous People Give Illegal Compliments Since jealousy is typically a result of low self-esteem, usually a person avoids perceiving their own self. Who wants to see the bad in himself? Those who are jealous of you develop various methods to mask this feeling. Sarcasm is one of them. They can't even give you a real compliment for crying out loud. Do people who think that you have achievements and beauties that you don't deserve want to make you feel good? They try to make it a cleverly disguised insult when they feel the need to compliment. For example, you change the model of your hair and they don't say it's terrible, especially if you're in a crowded group and everyone is saying how much it suits you at that moment. They also know how to save their negative reviews for the moments when you start. Isn't it exhausting? In the absence of sincerity and reality, the big shift in life is actually evil and envy. For example, they say, “Look, it looks great. If you had done this without your husband cheating on you, he wouldn't have gone to another woman.” 6- Jealous People Steal Scenes The last thing a jealous person wants to see is the spotlight turning on you. Seeing you full of confidence and attracting all the attention can cause them to lose their minds in a real sense. They certainly can't stand it. These feelings are caused by the short-circuited and burned points in their brains that are uncomfortable with something that is not in them, talent, knowledge, love, money, as well as being in someone else. I tried to explain it scientifically this time. I hope I did it. They can't stand to hear about other people's success, let alone their money, peace of mind, or even their dreams. 7- Jealous People Are Also Curious Jealous people are always poking their noses into your business. They follow everything that happens in your life. It's like they have to know everything that's going on with you, even if you're barely in touch with them, they take your secrets from your mouth and you give them away... I already said that these jealous people are already the closest of the envied people... the reason why the envious one creates trauma and the jealous one spends so much effort and makes sabotage plans is to be close anyway. And this curiosity and the questions posed to you afterwards are not because they care so much about your well-being, as you think when you answer. In order to distort and spread it to the environment, they need accurate information about you. The time they spend is for your truths, which they will use in the future to make their lies seem consistent and true. Infrastructure spending, that is... they even add that time spent, like the patience or grace they show you, to the lies they will tell in the future. Of course, what they are really looking for is a simple and human situation with dirt or stains that you can easily admit that you trust them, but their needs are already a speck of dust...They know very well how to make a speck of dust on you into mud. 8- Jealous People Try to Create Meaningless Arguments When you're trying to talk to a jealous person about something simple that you've been through with them, or even telling them about a very ordinary and unrelated incident, if you're going into different topics to prove that you're wrong in some way, placing yourself in the incident, or talking about someone who's been unfair to you, they start acting as a lawyer to that person and it's ridiculous. But the problem is that it is difficult to understand. Because they usually don't think about favoring you in any way, but they think about the other side's justified alternative reasons and find them. What is interesting is that when it comes to what is happening between the two of you in discussions, these people who have never found your alternative reasons and are acting thoughtlessly, but you accept Decently and still do not stop loving, even when you talk about what a master who comes to your house has done wrong or failed to do, or something like that, they make a better defense for them than a 40-year-old lawyer who has devoted his life to his profession for that master… You think he's trying to soften you up, you don't even think of an alternative bad reason, if it's about the one you love, of course...but the main goal is to prove to you that you're a rude and impervious person who always magnifies problems and sees someone else's mistakes. Fortunately, he impersonates a lawyer. What if he were the judge? You can get a life sentence when you complain about the paints that the paint master spills everywhere and you can't remove them. These people are also known as energy vampires. When they are disappointed in their own lives, these people who act secretive and feed their inner hatred instead of being told, shared, comforted, make that hatred their comfort zone and become unable to look at the situation that no one is in. They want you to be miserable like them. They are afraid that if they give the right, you will relax. They want to be filled with hatred like themselves. 9- Jealous People Love Your Mistakes Jealous people are very afraid of encountering situations where they will have to praise others because they do not have any noteworthy achievements of their own. These toxic people are very relieved when they see that others are struggling with a problem or are miserable. Whether you make a mistake or you have some kind of loss, stop trying to help, they want to be there for you at any moment to hit you in the face. They can't happen every moment, but they have to tell others because. In fact, it takes a lot of time than they will tell honey honey honey. I'm sorry I couldn't call today, honey, when they said, understand, okay? 10- Jealous People Give Bad Advice You will not be able to get well-intentioned, useful advice from someone who is jealous of you. After all, their goal is that you don't get out of that situation where you need their advice. Even if you say your own opinion or decision, they will even cause you to doubt your decisions and yourself about that situation. There will always be jealous people around, and the more successful, rich, happy, peaceful you are, the more there will be anyway. But now that you know the signs that someone is jealous of you, you can decide what to do. I say find them and get them out of your life or at least keep them away. But probably, despite all the symptoms, it will also be difficult for you to understand without being poked in the eye because of that tiny heart of yours that chooses to be blind and deaf when it comes to what you love. If you are people who are angry with yourself, whether you doubt that you love or not, you are among those who know the truth but cannot do it. Nevertheless, even if when you read this article or watch the videos I have shared the links to below, and when these substances become familiar to you, the feeling that I am not alone is enough for me. We may not be able to prevent suffering, but even knowing that we are not suffering alone is a positive step on the way to recovery… That's my only motivation when I tell you this… Proving that I'm not alone and you're not alone… The goal is to heal at least a little bit by not feeling lonely while suffering… When your pain drags you into loneliness, not only the pain is added because of the vultures around you, but also the self-doubt you have because of the negative emotions you are experiencing, and that feeling is very bad… And because you're suffering, you think you're crazy with that feeling of doubt… That's what I told you just so you know. You are not alone… And you're not crazy. You've only come across bad people… Love, Nilgün BODUR SCHEDULE A VIDEO CONSULTATION INFO ABOUT NILGUN BODUR & HER BOOKS CONTACT DETAILS AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS NILGUN BODUR NILGUN BODUR BOOK QUOTES

  • Protecting Your Emotional Well-being: Beware of Manipulators

    Who are the people you should be cautious of? What are the red flags of manipulation and manipulators ? How can you protect yourself from deceptive people? 8 Warning Signs of Deceptive Personalities aka Manipulators Hi to all of you, Plenty of people monitor what is posted through social networks or encounter videos on Facebook, YouTube, and various other platforms. From time to time, they might catch phrases buzzing around, words like "gaslighting," "manipulation," "narcissism," "antisocial," ect., yet they're puzzled about what they're actually listening. Probably very few of you have had any knowledge of these expressions whatsoever. I was intending to address the word "manipulation" within these words today. As the phrase genuinely represents the fundamental cause of all the struggles that sad or depressed individuals encounter. It's not love, a job, money, health, etc., believe me; it's something else that makes people unhappy. Those who come across deceitful and cunning con artists end up feeling depressed.. Because manipulation is such a well-known and essential dynamic within all narcissistic, antagonistic, challenging, & lately generally referred as “toxic” connections, I felt that the expression simply fails to receive the consideration that it deserves. And for that reason, I decided to write little more about it in this article. I felt it was relevant to get started with this article's discussion on manipulation by its definition found in a dictionary. According to dictionaries, the verb to manipulate refers to the act of strategically yet inappropriately or fraudulently controlling or influencing a person or a circumstance for one's own personal gain. On the other hand, the dictionary's definition of the word manipulation is the action carried out by the manipulator with the objective to accomplish a desired outcome. Undoubtedly, such a course of action is not beneficial for the greater good that have been influenced by it. But rather than being open and honest about what they want, why they want it from you or exactly why they're in need of your support, these cunning and self-centered people attempt to manipulate you with words and deeds to ensure that you surrender to their requirements or assist them to accomplish their personal goals, all while enjoying a board game they play with your sensitive feelings. The most prevalent approach to manipulate another individual is to instill within someone a sense of guilt, shame, obligation, poor self-worth or not having trust in themselves, uncertainty, worry, and fear of being not good enough. Other than that, it is relatively rare that both the manipulator and the person who is manipulated to be fully conscious of the challenges that the victim experiences. The description of the individual's behavior clearly does not fall under the term manipulation, if they act with intention. Since I'm not acquainted with such academic expression, I rather refer to those people simply scumbags or pricks. Manipulators who rack in the most vulnerable areas we all possess with the goal to achieve their needs. A manipulative individual finds it extremely simple to exert influence over others. It is like a hobby. If the act is done consistently, with priority, and in sufficient time, the results get more and more exceptional and sophisticated. And, especially if the individual in an intimate connection finds out that the other party has a fear of separation or abandonment, he certainly will enjoy toying around with that anxiety. And once you distribute the reactions that that they seek out of this game, namely contempt, rage, or apathy the game's winner becomes obvious. Because such responses tend to be one of the most apparent indicators that the manipulation is working. These techniques function efficiently with respondents as they tend to be easily swayed sensitive and caring, empathetic individuals who would prefer to prevent whatever causes discomfort for them. Stated differently, instead of feeling remorse such individuals devote all of their precious time, funds, love, physical labor, as well as sacrifice for those in their immediate vicinity in order to ensure that their actions do not upset them and avoid situating others in a difficult circumstance. In my humble opinion, people do their hardest to repress feelings of guilt the most. Even if it's only a mispronounced word, people almost never want other people to feel bad about themselves. Assume that you have put in time and effort, formally invested in the stock market, and have been patiently waiting for the value of your shares to increase. It is possible, though, that a certain stock might close its books for good. However, there is a chance of both big profitability and shutting the board of the same stock. It's the stock market; investing in it carries risk. And in that relationship, the master manipulator says, "I adore it when you hang out with loved ones. But when you put in too much effort, you collapse. On the one hand, you have a full-time job. This intensity wears you out very quickly. I believe it will be beneficial for me to step aside in this manner. Pretending to be a burden to the other person adds another load to the load of the person. While a person in a difficult situation is struggling in that difficult situation, a new problem is created for him, and he is now forced to choose one of them. He was happier with one burdain. What just happened? Now all of this falls within the scope of what I would call negative manipulation, the person manipulates us by playing with our fears or weaknesses, even small things… Our fear of letting people down is actually letting us down, we don't realize it. This is more of an abusive, cruel, but average type of violent manipulation. But there is also positive manipulation, but again the person serves his personal interests by making the other person feel positive. This is a kind of gassing manipulation. Don't look at what I'm saying positively, this is what is called bias, flattery and flattery. In fact, there are several methods for you, let me give examples in your mind so that you can understand that you are being manipulated in this business. 1- They Make the Other Person Doubt Themselves. For example, if I need to explain this article, people who use the sentences “you said ya” or “No, I didn't say that” very often will take you out of your own reality it makes you doubt. I mean, first they make you crazy, then they call you crazy. We can say that insecure people who enjoy playing puppets, who enjoy managing puppets excessively, drive you crazy and lower your self-confidence so that you can get down to your own Junkets. so they equalize the level. 2- They are Experts in Trapping the Other Person in a Guilt Trap. There are also methods for this, let me convey them to you in one sentence. To suggest at every opportunity that you are not doing as much work as they are doing themselves. Constantly stand up for the mistakes you made in the past Reminding them of the good they have done for you in the past and making you feel that you are “indebted” to the 0ns. Pretending to be angry and angry, but then denying that there is a problem when we ask them In short, to engage in passive-aggressive behavior 3- They Benefit from Kindness, Compassion and Your Ethical Behavior to the Bottom. It is interesting that our plus features, which should be, unfortunately, are the features that are most quickly smelled by manipulators. But they use it not to praise you, but to exploit you The proverb in Turkish that he who gives his hand cannot take his arm is actually a beautiful description of emotional manipulation. You feel good because you are doing good, that's a good thing. But the traumatic part of it is that one day you realize that they're not around when you need them. That's why I say don't expect goodness when you do good, because you won't experience the goodness and badness that you don't expect. Even if you cannot afford the possibility of ingratitude, do not do good, because kindness is the most quickly punished crime in our social justice system. 4- Knowingly Spreading False Information And your reputation management is done by them, this task is not done very well. Usually such people make critical comments about you, treating the environment before you, as they prepare the case before stealing the minaret. This creates prejudice in people. When you feel the negative energies from your environment over time, and on the other hand, when you want to tell what you are experiencing with that person, you will not find the only person around you who believes in you. The worst part is that the reaction or indifference you receive from the environment in general, that is, lack of reaction, again causes you to question your faith in yourself, and Buddha again brings with him feelings of worthlessness and lack of self-confidence. 5- They Never Commit A Crime And Do Not Accept The Crime Moreover, if there is a crime belonging to them, which I applaud for their abilities, they somehow convince people that the crime committed was committed against them. This is called victim psychology, which I hate. Agitation, which we call agitation, is the most important feature of the personality disorder type, also called hidden narcissism, which attracts attention with the psychology of the victim, which is played on the mercy of the environment of people and which we do not realize very much 6-They Are Good at Hiding Their Manipulative Traits. Have you seen a manipulator with a sign around his neck? He has excellent abilities in disguise. That's what makes them even more powerful. Of course, they are aware of the possibility that they could be caught doing this shit. I'm talking about those who specialize in this. Again, I come to the sentence I just said, because they have played many minarets before, they keep the case ready and even redundant. 7- They Make Everything They Do Look Normal In fact, they are very shocked and surprised that you see what they are doing wrong. The scary part is that I have the ability to convince, I did it because of my former profession, because of my personality, but if you use something wrong, if you think it's the right one, the wrong one, the other one, and if you convince him of that, the person starts questioning himself again. Summary societies full of victims of poor people who see themselves as strong by making the other person powerless 8- They pretend ignorance This is usually used as a last resort. In other words, because they have their mistakes on their faces and when there is a very clear mistake, is that how we saw adam, by God, I don't know at all, they use words like you understand such things out of decency, or when they ask you for something, why you don't do it, they say, I don't understand, so ignorance is their most powerful weapon. In fact, ignorance in general is an atomic bomb. I usually close after counting the items, but I want to draw attention to one topic in a nutshell. It is not so difficult to realize the negative energy of the person who constantly eats you, and the evil that can come from them will not surprise us much. Due to the constant increase in the need for approval, which tires my mind, of course, it has increased due to social media, which I call positive manipulation, which exploits us and traumatizes us by flattering us by praising us and making us feel good, and even making us unable to predict the evil that will come after, whereas the type of manipulation that is very negative. For example, praise is meaningful for me when it is very sincere, but when that praise is used in the interests of the praising person, it is the dictionary equivalent of psychological violence. To be praised is a very beautiful thing. I would like to explain this topic by giving an example. For instance, for someone who you never thought you didn't care about material things, and even praising you all the time about it, one of your personality that you want to borrow money from you after a short time we praise praise you're gonna yakistirdin your own favorite, and the person set to disappoint, or maybe to prove yourself to yourself, normally you wouldn't give owes you a fucking smile. You would even be proud of yourself. But because of the same story, maybe that debt, which was said to be paid back after a month, when it is not paid back, you cannot ask for years. Praised so once I notice, I wonder he raves, so tell us a little pampering things, we think it suits us, but that actually clings to us, adjectives, idioms tantalizing our chests, consumables and unrequited love, or being exerted in the interests of working? This technique is more likely to appear in bilateral relationships during the sweet months and honeymoon phases, they can compliment your appearance, compliment your knowledge, career, experience, conversation, opposite your eyes, everything, but they do it to get them something they want in the future. Emotional people, to such behavior, cannot remain indifferent. Oh, my dear, what a nice guy you are, how sweet, they say. I always say, praise is swelling, and don't be deflated by the place. In fact, the issue that comes into play here is the excess of the need for approval. Because we know ourselves and we know that if we, our physics, our character, our careers, our conversation, our grace, our compassion, not to prove to others, but our own inner peace in order to check out the mirror for excellence and bottom, with a clean heart, if we can show what we can, so in order to see ourselves in the eyes of others if we are to be in need of, We don't see ourselves with unrealistic and exaggerated praise, any more than we have. Because if the eyes and words of others will affect us so much, their mouths are not bags so that you shrink; the person who praises your physique and sees that you like it a lot, one day when you gain weight, criticizes you about it, if he realizes the need for his eyes and words, he knows that the first criticism he will make will hurt you very much. Here is the value that is sometimes given to compliments, loads of value to the scribes. And our brain is so ungrateful that it remembers not praise, but blame. In fact, especially in our country, in bilateral relations, marriages, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously learned through the experience justifies it works manipulation exerted in the honeymoon phase of marriage in the sense raves. And I think the one who says ”one", that is, the first one who applies it, is the manipulator, and the other one is the manipulated one. I'm saying that people favor themselves, or my recent videos are always, those who feel that some sentences are useful to them instinctively make a habit of using those sentences. This is a manipulation that we can all do. If the lies a mother tells to feed her child vegetables and the games she makes work, it can become a habit. And here the mother is thinking not about her own interests, but about the health of her child. In other words, the person who has the power of persuasion and shows it by looking out for the interests of the other party is the one who uses it for good, even though he has the ability to manipulate. So superheroes are the ones we love because they use their powers to serve the good. If they used the same power for evil, we wouldn't respect their power and expect them to be disgraced by our hero at the end of the film. The forces are equal, but the goals are different, and they change the fate of the film, right? In other words, manipulation is a positive trait when used for a good purpose, but unfortunately, because the human instinct thinks less about the other side and is more selfish, it can also use it for its own interests. Let him use it, of course. But surely he should think about the consequences for the other side, right? Abuse of manipulation is actually the issue that we need to pay attention to, and if negative manipulation and positive manipulation harm the other party in the long term, this is a dangerous situation. In fact, we can think that some of them are done unconsciously, while others do it calculatedly, right, so the negative also has degrees. It is not possible to know and understand this because if a person has acquired this habit, if you are doing it consciously and planned, most likely, when we face that person, he will say that I am not aware of it, and if someone does it unwittingly, he will say that I am not aware of it. So the solution to this is once you realize it, because you stop questioning yourself, feeling ashamed, or swelling up with too much praise. In other words, compliments are concepts that you can eliminate by filtering what is said to you, by knowing yourself, by knowing what is what, that is, by looking at yourself a little from above and from the outside, in short, by increasing our awareness. After realizing this, there are two things that can be done. First a nice confrontation with the manipulator, then I don't know if we don't know if it's an excuse or not, I don't know if I'm sorry to hear the sentence, and also to give another chance to understand the sincerity and sincerity of this Essence. Because if he is not aware of it, if he values the other person as much as himself, he will not make this move again. But if he is doing it consciously, he will continue to increase the dose after this confrontation. But if he didn't hear you, or if he didn't understand, there's a very good proverb, you know, You won't decorate your face with the word Sahara Orb and you'll leave there. It's not what upsets me is usually less people the awareness, awareness, although it is necessary in the face and now he's been doing the same face over and over by decreases in the value of stocks in the stock market to be unable to accept the fact that you can't get enough of wrestling defeated by because unfortunately so with awareness and manipulated like a puppet by someone ozguvensizlik is to move on. It's not important not to know in this business that upsets me, but not being able to apply after knowing destroys a person. The living dead is like that. The worst part is that the living dead live because they bite others and spread like an infectious disease, unhappiness contagious unhappiness, do you know how it turns into a tram, even knowing unhappiness, by being exposed to it accordingly. Please take care of yourself and if you know people like the ones I described in this article, either remove them from your life or don't become their victim if they will take part in your life… Love, Nilgün BODUR SCHEDULE A VIDEO CONSULTATION INFO ABOUT NILGUN BODUR & HER BOOKS CONTACT DETAILS AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS NILGUN BODUR NILGUN BODUR BOOK QUOTES

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    NİLGÜN BODUR -THE BOOKS Nilgün Bodur is the author of a total of five books, all of that have peaked at the very top of best sellers lists: "Life is the Exception That Ignores the Rules", "I Got Wiser by Becoming Crazier", "Not Because of Failures, just Because of Loneliness," "My Next Thank You is for Those Who Wronged Me" and "Since You Are Gone, I Have Become More Beautiful." You can find below detailed info about her work along with the links for online sales. 01 LIFE IS THE EXCEPTION THAT DOES NOT ASPIRE TO THE RULE "LIFE IS THE EXCEPTION THAT IGNORES THE RULES," which is described by Nilgün Bodur as "my fifth book in which I challenge each and every principle that is widely considered to be reliable like they're set in stone," reveals a variety of perspectives of inadequacies which are traditionally regarded as being accuracy. She encourages the reader to reflect on oneself, his immediate environment, his visions, his past experiences, and each and every one of his personal fundamental principles. The book contains a wide collection of essays around the study of philosophy that were composed by the author. It is the 5th and the most recent one of her published works to reach once again the top of bestselling charts. BUY 02 I GOT WISER BY BECOMING CRA ZIER People identify anyone who speaks with oneself as insane. I would rather talk with myself than to others and put myself at risk failing to be heard or having interpreted incorrectly.It's much more preferable to talking to myself and labeled as crazy than losing my mind over what other people think of me.If I'm going insane, I'll go insane by deserving the label..." Nilgün Bodur The author secluded herself from the outside world and communicated with herself following an agonizing personal experience. The dialogues that appear across the entirety of the work portray the perspective of a woman struggling to find peace with her own being. It is the the writer's fourth work, illustrating the conflict among the super ego and the id mind, that portrays the hidden identity battles carried out within a community by utilizing a captivating language and her mastery in story telling. BUY KAİDEYE TAMAH ETMEYEN İSTİSNADIR HAYAT AKILLANDIM ARTIK ŞİMDİ DAHA DELİYİM 03 NOT BECAUSE OF FAILURES JUST BE CAUSE OF LONELINESS Certain words affect as well as they express. They touch to those around them at the same time. They stay beside you while you wonder... They additionally offer you an opportunity to have a laugh. The story they tell sounds eerily identical to your very own. Stories such those make you want to devote every moment of your time upon one another. One of which may be this one. Nilgün Bodur, initially of all else, owns an excellent sense of humor which she utilizes brilliantly. Neither artistry nor causing others smile seem essential for her. It's remarkable how empathetic the way she writes truly is. It is exceptionally valuable knowing that she is able to offer readers fresh unique viewpoints through utilizing not only her particular mastery of the language but also his personal interpretations and conclusions regarding the world at large compared to varied usual viewpoints. Her observations of psyche are quite remarkable. Particularly, her writings on interpersonal relationships are lyrical pieces of philosophy in and of itself. It has fingerprints that go further back beyond the writer's own experiences. It's an engaging and touching narrative to take in. It's a publication that I personally cherish and believe every individual will gain something through the reading process. As it was written for healing rather than for healing. / From the editor. BUY YANLIŞLIKTAN DEĞİL YALNIZLIKTAN 04 SINCE YOU ARE GONE I HAVE BECOME MORE BEAUTIFUL "You Were Gone, I Became Very Beautiful" broke new ground by breaking a sales record with pre-orders before it hit the shelves in Turkey, and was at the top of the best-selling book lists for 42 weeks. It is written after what happened and those who left, but it has a narrative that does not contain any sense of grudge or revenge. Every woman can find traces of her own life in this book, where the author explains that a person can be at peace and happy with his loneliness. The book, in which Nilgün Bodur describes her own life very sincerely and open-heartedly, is described as a bedside book by its readers. BUY SEN GİTTİN YA BEN ÇOK GÜZELLEŞTİM 05 MY NEXT THANK YOU IS FOR THOSE WHO W RONGED ME Finding a reason to smile every day, remembering that you shouldn't care about those who bother you, realizing that it's not so difficult to live your own dream instead of standard flawless lives, protecting your own value, well-being, peace of mind, as well as being enough to satisfy everybody, it's sometimes not simple to maintain on top of all of your tasks. Until a fellow wanderer holds your hand... This is the story of a woman who pursues some more fun in her life, accumulates experiences and ambitions rarely tired of pulling herself back on track even when she stumbles and falls, consistently strives for the future with enthusiasm, understands details of her tears and mistakes, and is unwilling to give up her zest for life easily. It will remind you of everything you've witnessed once. BUY SIRADAKİ TEŞEKKÜRÜM BANA YANLIŞ YAPANLARA NILGUN BODUR MORE CONTENT SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT You may schedule a face-to-face meeting with Nilgün Bodur with just a single click. For further details, press the button above. BLOG PAGE FOR YOU You may upload your personal content, receive comments on them and also employ your own personal blog page to be a digital archive imply by being a subscriber of our website's blog. MESSAGES AND COMMENTS Upon subscribing to our website, you can get in touch with us by filling our inquiry form. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Our responses with regard to inquiries that are frequently brought up by guests can be found down below. We had no desire to be holding you up. COLLABORATION PROPOSALS You might submit your proposals and recommendations regarding a business collaboration via our email address at anytime.


    NILGUN BODUR AUTHOR - LIFE COACH - SOCIOLOG SCHEDULE A VIDEO CONSULTATION WITH NILGUN BODUR NİLGÜN BODUR ONLINE DANIŞMANLIK NİLGÜN BODUR KİTAPLARI NİLGÜN BODUR HER BOOKS LIFE IS THE EXCEPTION THAT IGNORES THE RULES All pain will pass. Some people break through Some people think it won't pass, it will pass You don't want some of them to pass, It passes again. And you look at those pains when the time comes It can even replace ointment. You put it on another pain. That too will pass. BUY I GOT WISER BY BECOMING CRAZIER You know, I would never say that I've left. As I am certain, even though I appear to be the one who currently is walking, the true reason of my footsteps lies with one who is now long gone. BUY NOT BECAUSE OF FAILURES JUST BECAUSE OF LONELINESS MORE Saying "we broke up" as if it was a decision made together may only lessen the burden of one's leaving and the other's remaining. One won't come across as dishonorable, nor will the other appear miserable. There is no other predicate in our language that is comparable to the improper use of the phrase "We broke up." It only then takes two, if you love, miss, or prosper. Breaking up serves just as one individual's way out and the other's suffering. And the subject "we" does not flatter this statement at all. BUY SINCE YOU ARE GONE I HAVE BECOME MORE BEAUTIFUL We shall beat our rivals not just by existing, but also by being unmoved, smiling, and feeling at ease. The ultimate revenge far from considering getting even. Being separate from me is the ultimate payback. The greatest revenge is the one that you're seeing in the gaze of a mirror, that He is not able to see any more. BUY MY NEXT THANK YOU IS FOR THOSE WHO WRONGED ME MORE I accept things just as they are. Also if something isn't going to happen on its own, I don't even try to make it happen. When he feels like loving, he does so; when he needs to depart, he goes; when he returns, we send him back; and there he goes once again. I always let things happen on their own. It doesn't matter if the people that come aren't already decent; they will eventually depart exactly the same way they arrived. I always put my hair up in a bun because I can't just leave it down. With the exception of the above, I'll keep things exactly as they are. Yet, everyone is clueless of the fact that everything that I leave "as is" are the ones that have never really "have been". BUY NİLGÜN BODUR ÖZGEÇMİŞ NİLG ÜN BODUR ABOUT THE AUTHOR ABOUT NILGUN BODUR DEVAMI Nilgün Bodur, who was born in Istanbul in 1974, attended the Faculty of Business Administration at Istanbul University following her graduation from Sankt Georg Austrian High School, where she had received a multilingual education. Initially in 2020 she chose to pursue an additional degree in Faculty of Sociology at Istanbul University, with the intention of reaching her conclusive year of studies by the year of 2024 thus receiving a professional title in the field of social sciences, as an outcome of initial and continuing curiosity in the fields of psychology, philosophy, particularly the discipline of sociology. Over the course of her professional career, Nilgün Bodur rose to prominence as one of her nation's leading marketing and PR experts while operating for various prominent global brands such as Burberry, Lacoste, Swatch, Gant, Coach, Nautica, and Calvin Klein, all of which were affiliated with Eren Holding in Turkey, followed by work for several domestic prestigious retail brands including internationally recognized Damat and Desa. Throughout her career as a professional in the retail field, her innovative perspective, perseverance, and intuitive communication skills ultimately led her to achieve multiple and highly deserved international achievements and honors. Once Nilgün Bodur started sharing her ideas and viewpoint on various topics across different social media platforms, she gained the attention of people of all age groups and all genders but particularly women, as a result of her challenging and unconventional perspective on addressing cultural and social dynamics. Due to her unique way of expressing herself, her unfiltered authentic narrative of common subjects from her point of view, and her distinctive philosophical thinking on interpersonal relationships, establishing a greater awareness among her followers, she rapidly gained the trust and support of a significant audience. Nilgün Bodur's first book, "My Following Thank You Is for Those Who Have Wronged Me" was published in 2017. In the following five years, she published five books in total, including "It's Odd That That I Look Even More Beautiful Today, Since You're the One Who Disappeared the Other Day", "Suffering Is Not the Result Of Wrongdoings It Is Due To Loneliness", "I Got Wiser By Being Madder", and "Existence Consists Of Exceptions Not Rules And Regulations ". Nilgün Bodur continues her career today by delivering motivational speeches to large crowds and offering also individual online consulting sessions as well as creating instructive seminars regarding marketing and communication for enterprises. She is noted not just over her literary works but also over her personal philosophical thinking as well as her inspiring and impactful style of speech. By discussing the unchallenged and unquestioned principles of cultural norms, the author seeks to make use of her existence and standpoint on social platforms for enhancing social consciousness. 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    ANLATMAK ISTER MISIN? Güven duygusu herkesin zamanla artan ama karşılanamayan bir ihtiyacı oldu. Özellikle günümüz toplumunda  bireyler, yaşadıklarını, tecrübelerini, sorunlarını veya duygularını paylaştıkları kişilere güven duymakta oldukça zorlanıyorlar. Eğer ki siz de birilerine içinizi dökebilmek, akıl danışmak,  şüphelerinizi veya korkularınızı paylaşmak, kariyer, aile, dost, aşk ve ilişkiler ile ilgili konularda objektif  ve farklı bir bakış açısı duymak istediğiniz halde bu konuları çevrenizdekilere anlatmakta zorlanıyorsanız, aşağıdaki düğmeye basarak Nilgün BODUR' dan tek tıkla görüşme randevusu alabilirsiniz. Randevu saatinde ise size teyit için gönderilmiş olan e- postadaki ZOOM linkini ziyaret etmeniz yeterli olacaktır. Görüşmek üzere... ***** BILGI METNI: ONLINE TERAPI SEANS SURESI 45 DAKIKADIR VIDEO GORUSMESI OLARAK ZOOM APLIKASYONU UZERINDEN GERCEKLESIR. SISTEM ÜZERINDEN RANDEVU ALINDIGINDA, E-POSTA ADRESINIZE ZOOM GORUSME LINKI OTOMATIK OLARAK GONDERILECEKTIR. GORUSME SAATINDE GONDERILEN LINKE TIKLAMANIZ YETERLI OLACAKTIR ONEMLI NOT: Randevu alindiktan sonra 24 saat icerisinde 2000 TL tutarindaki odemenin Garanti Bankası TR07 0006 2000 1830 0006 6704 67no'lu IBAN'a yapilmasi rica olunur. Aksi takdirde randevu sistem tarafindan otomatik olarak iptal edilmektedir. Odemeyi yaparken aciklama bolumune adinizi ve soyadinizi formdaki sekliyle yazmaniz rica olunur. Randevunuzu 24 saat öncesine kadar iptal edebilirsiniz. Ucret iadesi ayni gun icinde yapilmaktadir. Odeme dekontunuzu adresine gondermenizi rica ederiz.

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